2017 Fire Expo

In May 2017, PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing attended the Fire Expo in Harrisburg, PA. We attended the trade show in hopes of gaining knowledge about the fire industry so that we could begin to make products for that market, in addition to the other products we already manufacture. Our display booth contained pictures and physical samples of the products we are planning to manufacture. Over the weekend of the show, numerous distributors, fire chiefs, and other fire industry folks showed an interest in our products. Since the trade show was a tremendous success, we are moving forward with our plan to manufacture fire equipment products, along with equipment for other rescue teams, such as EMS.


We are planning on using our current knowledge and skills in metal, plastic, and foam machining and fabrication to produce many different items to be sold in the fire and rescue industry. Some of the anticipated items that we will be selling to fire and rescue wholesalers and retailers will be hose-trays, boxes, tanks, skids and more. These new products and components made by us will help to keep fire trucks’ and rescue vehicles’ tools and equipment organized and protected. The fire and rescue industry will get to experience our high-quality products that all our customers have come to expect.




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